Madness wetsuits rental range review

Madness wetsuits rental range review

We found today a very interesting article about the wetsuits we have in our rental range, Madness wetsuits.

Following our vision of providing high end products, this wetsuits range will cover the needs of the most demanding guest.



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BRAND: Madness
2015 Wetsuits Preview
BRECQ BENOIT – Marketing Manager

Unlimited back.jpg
Unlimited back

Which new trends do you see on the 2015 wetsuits market?
Most important same as usual: Quality product & good material. Wetsuits need to be strong, comfortable, flexible & most important hot. Maybe for 2015 wetsuits will be thinner but much hotter.

“Cold Water Surfing” is getting more and more popular? Do you see a growing demand for frigid waters’ specific surf products?
For sure, Cold Water wetsuit sales are bigger every year. Not just in wetsuits but in accessories too: booties/gloves/hoods.

How does the new 2015 neoprene rubber look?
Thinner & flexible are the Key of the new 2015 Wetsuits. Not a lot of changes on cut of the wetsuits: Chest zip still the best sales.

What’s new in terms of panel construction? And how do you make sure the fit is right?
We work hard with an engineer to develop custom shapes and construction to fit to all people. We test it with all our team riders to adjust & improve the Cuts & have a perfect fitting.

Is comfort the best selling argument for a wetsuit? Any others?
Flexibility & comfort are the 2 keys points. For sure the most important is how hot the wetsuit is, but it’s not possible to test it in the shop before  buying the wetsuit. That’s why comfort when the people try is the Key point.

Unlimited front.jpg
Unlimited front

Tell us a bit more about the linings’ benefits of your wetsuits?
We are procuring in the best factory in the world & using the best Materials available in the market.

100% superstrech Wetsuit with Glued blinded stitches & internal waterproof superstreech Tape to have be hot & comfortable. We added a special donuts cuff system on the arms to not have water in the wetsuit. On the 5/4/3 mm we have a POLAR plush to add more heat.

How have price points evolved and what are the main price hot spots?
Price points are really important. We are selling a lot of wetsuits for school & rentals and the new cut for 2015: “EVOLUTION” model is just perfect. We developed and engineered the cut and tested it with Pro riders. It fits perfectly and Pro riders can use it every day. We are really proud of the fitting and material. Price is really competitive.

We have one of the best priced wetsuits on the market.

Is eco-friendliness an issue for you and how do you approach it?
In the past we developed a lot of products with little eco impact. It’s really hard on wetsuits to reduce this impact but we are really sensible about this and try to improve the impact of all our products on the environment.

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